New Body Platform

A new, next-generation platform has been applied to the Santa Fe, maximizing vehicle stability on top of larger interior space. The new platform also brings with it significant improvements in collision safety, thanks to the increased usage of Advanced High-Strength Steel and hot stamping.

Wise and Wide Care

No matter what kind of day lies ahead of you, Santa Fe will always give you a great start. Whether you face your usual routine or a special occasion to surprise your family, Santa Fe will let you and your family move easily, comfortably and stylishly. Things are always better with Santa Fe, in all ways.

Progressive SUV with Proactive Care.

An advanced SUV that actively consider users satisfactory driving experience of human-oriented, state of the art technology.

Experience space in complete comfort.

Soft-to-the-touch textures, sweeping character lines and an elevated centre bridge console feature within a cleverly practical cabin space perfectly suited for the busy schedule of an active family.

Safety first and foremost.

At Hyundai, we believe that a high standard of safety should never be an optional extra. That’s why we created Hyundai SmartSense™[P5] – our standard advanced system of interconnected cameras, radars, alerts, alarms and ultrasonic sensors that know what’s behind you, what’s beside you, and can get your Santa Fe to react to what’s in front of you.


R2.2 CRDi

Harga Hyundai Santa Fe

Santa Fe Gasoline 2.5 6AT StyleRp. 569.000.000
Santa Fe Gasoline 2.5 6AT PrimeRp. 599.000.000
Santa Fe Gasoline 2.5 6AT SignatureRp. 678.000.000
Santa Fe Diesel 2.2 8DTC StyleRp. 629.000.000
Santa Fe Diesel 2.2 8DTC PrimeRp. 659.000.000
Santa Fe Diesel 2.2 8DTC SignatureRp. 729.000.000



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